Metal detectors are used to raise an alarm on sensing the presence of a metallic object. These devices usually indicate the existence of a metallic object either by making a beeping sound or waving the indicator arrow on the device. The indication is based on the changes in magnetic waves caused by the presence of a metal object. Metal detectors are used to identify objects such as gold, silver, iron, nickel, copper, brass, aluminum, tin, lead, and bronze.

The five most commonly used metal detectors are general-purpose detectors, which identify coins, relics and treasures. Others include metal detectors that are used for gold prospecting. They are designed to be extremely sensitive to small pieces of gold. Underwater and salt beach metal detectors, Cache hunting and deep searching and finally the ones that are used for industrial and security purposes. Most variations amongst metal detector brands in the market today are based on the area produced by the magnetic field. Based on the unique features of these devices, let us look at some metal detector reviews:

Priced at $212 on Amazon, Garrett Ace 250 is believed to be the most convenient and hence widely purchased metal detectors. It is commended for its size and customer friendly usability, which makes it easy to use it on the go.Although it is highly praised for casting a very focus magnetic field, it’s coil mechanism often receives criticism for not being as powerful as one would hope for it to be. Beginners in the area of metal detection often use this device.

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Teknetics Delta Silver metal detector is an excellent choice for newbies as well as veterans in this field. Extremely light weight and efficient, this device presents a great combination of numerical and graphical target identification. The device is highly sensitive, hence one popular criticism is that it often detects power cables and cell phones in close range. But going by Teknetics’s reputation, this is a solid product with easy to use features.

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The best in beginner detectors, light, effective and sturdy in spite of its stylish appearance, Bounty Hunter Pioneer 505, definitely has the best level of fine-tuned control that other metal detectors lack. Although, it is not exactly seen as being the user-friendliest metal detector, reviews point out that once the user has learned to use all the features properly, this device is a friend forever. So don’t let this metal detector intimidate you, once you’ve acclimatized to it, you will discover renewed enthusiasm for metal detection.

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